Mohammad Monirul Hasan is an Economist appointed as Junior Researcher and Doctoral candidate in Economics at ZEF, University of Bonn Germany. ZEF is a pioneer and world leading think tank now a days. In 2012, ZEF ranked 4th in the world top 50 science and technology think tanks reported by "University of Pennsylvania" in their ranking named "Think tank and civil societies program". Mr. Hasan is also a Senior Research Associate at Institute of Microfinance (InM). He is in study leave now for doing PhD in Economics. Mr. Hasan has completed European Master in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA) funded by the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of European Union. He obtained double degree masters program at University of Bonn, Germany (Agriculture and Food Economics) and Corvinus University of Budapest (Rural development and Agri-business) in 2013. 

After finishing Masters in Economics from University of Dhaka with first class (GPA 3.9) he joined Institute of Microfinance (InM) as Assistant Director (Research) in 2008. Currently He is promoted to Senior Research Associate. His academic career is enriched with the outstanding results in HSC (12th), SSC (13th) and awarded with many scholarships. Mr. Hasan is dedicated in conducting research activities and economic modeling in the development sector. He has worked on some projects like Overlapping microfinance, Impact of PRIME interventions on monga mitigation in Greater Rangpur, State of Microfinance in SAARC countries, MF Transparency and Pricing etc important topic in his three years career. He has the thrust for knowledge and exploring new things and ideas. Before his work at InM, Mr. Hasan worked as a Graduate Assistant at North South University for one year. Besides Microfinance; He is interested to work on macroeconomics, International trade and regional trade agreements, environmental and natural resource economics, population and health economics, development economics etc.


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